Adults posing as teens in chatrooms

Whilst specialist services may be more likely to come across children and young people who have been involved in either the production or use of pornography, all services have a role to play in enabling children and young people to use the internet safely, fro example by providing information.

Guidelines for internet use by children and young people To keep children and young people safe online ensure they are aware of safety tips or rules like the following.

Cook was caught after he sent a sexually explicit photo to a Queensland Police officer who was monitoring the chatroom.

The matter was referred to Tasmania Police who then searched his home and seized computer equipment and hard drives.

Cook justified his behaviour on the high probability the people he was talking to were adults and not children, the court heard.

If they really want to meet with someone, they should talk with you about it – and together, you can come up with a plan to verify the other person’s identity and make sure it’s safe.

A Hobart man who had sexually explicit conversations in internet chatrooms with underage girls has been sentenced to more than three years in jail.

Charges were filed against Lucas after he sent a naked picture of himself during his first online chat with an agent pretending to be an underage teen girl and pressured the ‘girl’ to meet with him in person.

Lucas then repeatedly engaged in online chats with the undercover agent, going into detail about the sexual acts he wished to perform with the ‘girl’, even going so far as to ask when her parents worked so he could arrange to meet with her at her house when no adults would be around.