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But an influential Council of Europe committee said that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobiles, computers with wi-fi internet connections and even baby monitors could cause cancer and impair brain development.The experts warned that European countries should consider banning mobile phones and wireless internet networks from classrooms as they have ‘potentially harmful’ effects.Among the several people he thanked for helping him were Jack Sandner, Ray Cahnman and Victor Niederhoffer.The managed futures industry continues to grow, despite the bull market in stocks, which often run counter to non-correlated strategies.They allegedly used the Reuters currency trading platform and the Bloomberg instant messaging service to organize their deals, at times also using the more traditional channel of a telephone call.The banks worked together by discussing desired prices, coordinating trading times and taking turns to transact, hold or pull bills.

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Winners last night included: Goldenwise Capital Management, LJM Partners, Warrington Asset Management, UOB-SM Asset Management, AC Investment Management, 361 Capital, Splendor Capital Management, Whitehaven, Two Sigma and PIMCO which took two awards.Hitting the Pinnacle By JLN Staff Last night, the CME Group and Barclay Hedge hosted the sixth annual Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards.The Pinnacle Achievement Award went to Toby Crabel, chairman and chief investment officer of Crabel Capital Management.The commission’s two-year investigation found that the banks were involved in price fixing and market allocation regarding the South African rand and the US dollar since April 2015.The commission found that the banks all had a gentleman’s agreement dating back to at least 2007 to collude on prices for bids, offers and bid-offer spreads for spot trades on rand-to-dollar exchanges.