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Parents need to know that this site does contain some slightly iffy content.Though the tone of the articles is mostly preteen-friendly, links like "World's Best Pickup Lines" may raise a parental eyebrow.If you aren’t familiar with, you probably live under an Internet-free rock. Read Full Article Here According to data from Ranker, people who love the franchise also rate Owen Wilson as Hollywood’s greatest actor and ‘Suicide Squad’ as their favorite movie.By allowing visitors to weigh in on subjects like the best movies of all time (with 2.6 million votes), the druggiest rock stars of all time (a competition no one wants to win), and the best websites to waste your time on (which is kinda meta), Ranker pulls in 45 million unique visitors and averages 10 million votes per month on topics ranging from sports, gaming, entertainment, politics… Read Full Article Here Looking to find out the best TV shows canceled before their time? Read Full Article Here In honor of Star Wars Day, the team at Ranker Insights has prepared some data for Heat Vision about the most popular Star Wars characters, and has even broken them down on a state-by-state basis.In fact, the site actually promotes a responsible approach to dating and romance.Membership is free, but requires setting up a user name and password to communicate with potential crushes.

If the two people select each other, then the system notifies them of the match.Additionally, minors are prohibited from publicly posting contact information like email addresses and screen names.e is a teen-oriented anonymous matching site designed to obviate fears of unrequited love.A user creates a list of people he or she is interested in, and has the option of sending anonymous emails to those individuals indicating that an unidentified person has a crush on them.Registration is free, however, one must pay a monthly fee or unlock various tools via sponsors to do key processes like chatting or sending messages.The New York Times cites that e SPIN has registered more than 3.8 million users as of January 2007.e SPIN prohibits minors from contacting adults and vice versa, and their administrators screen user-submitted content before it can go live.