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The report reveals that more than half of Facebook users express laughter with a “haha,” 13 percent prefer “hehe,” and a whopping third of users don’t even use words: F on the verge of extinction?

One reason might be because it has an ambiguous meaning.

The widespread use of emoji is both intriguing and alarming.

It could mean that literate communication is headed for extinction, or it might mean we’re getting better at reading our friends’ cues.

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Another way it can be used is for revealing mischievousness.

can be thought of as the equivalent of “hee hee” in English.

The way we laugh is, according to anthropologist Munro S Edmonson, a “signal of individuality.” And an outburst of laughter is an important enough part of communication that we represent it in text.

In a recent The New Yorker article, Sarah Larson wrote about laughter in internet-based communication – the use of .