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Aunt Martha had been left pretty well off as a result of her husband's death.Unable to take care of the farm by herself, she sold off all the livestock, except a few chickens for eggs.Daddy and momma pored over that magazine until the pages were almost tattered and my brother and I knew there was a coffee can on top of the pie safe that they were putting money in to save for going to visit one of those nudist camps.Billy and I both wanted to go, we wanted to meet others our ages who were nudists because we had only our family to share with in the nudist lifestyle.My name is Bill, Im six feet even and way 145 pounds, I have jet black hair and brown eyes.I keep myself in shape by going to the gym a lot with my wife Jill who is 5'5'' and wieghs 115 pounds with a perfect peach ass and 36C breast.BY: SILVER FOX (C) 1996 Billy was only 16 when his dad and mom were going to go to California to check out a new job prospect for his dad.Since it was during school season, he was to stay with his aunt Martha on her farm for a week.

I felt drawn to a place where people don’t judge each other based on ill-fitting swimsuits or social status.

We married right out of high school and had a baby girl.

We got jobs and partied and did all the things anyone our age would do but we had a kid so it made this harder but we got good paying jobs and we went on vacations and traveled and lived in a nice community. Now she is 18 and we decide have one last vacation with her before she heads off to college next year because she decided she wanted to go college like her friends, and we had no problem with that.

That night Jill says "you know, I actually like the idea of going to a nudist resort." I am stunned and reply "Martha was joking hunny, you can't be serious?

" "Yes, I am serious lets do it." "Are you sure you thought this through? " "Okay then, its a done deal then." The next morning at breakfeast I address Martha that her mother liked the idea and that is where we are going for the last vacation.