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Let us see how many tax codes can be created in the system. If the answer is not going to be used, this tax code can be configured for the new requirement.Tax code is a 2 digit field and allowed characters are 0-9 and A-Z. Go to T-code TAANA and click on Start table analysis (F8). Enter BSET as table name and click the push button “Analysis variant”. So, effectively we are recycling the existing tax code in the system which is never used.However, there are some exceptions that require “special treatment”. In addition to tax codes and their tax rates, you also need to ensure that assignment of GL accounts has also been imported in the target client.They include Substitutions and Validations, Number ranges, and so on. SAP Expert believes there are at present no SAP Finance-related blogs, sites, or other resources that have reference to the tax code transport procedure. If for whatever reason GL account assignment has not been properly moved, go to transaction code OB40, select the relevant Posting Transaction (VST, MWS…), specify the Chart of Accounts and then choose a menu Posting Transaction – Transport – Entries in TR.In same procedure create A5 – 5% Output VAT Tax code.

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Base amount, Input tax and Output tax, other tax types are not displaying to update the tax percentage rates.

If this structure does not contain a tax line, it is either because the condition has base value zero or is completely missing in SD.

There is a note (1255945) about how to create pure tax documents but it is very, very rare. If xauto is cleared, the FI checks are not performed.

To serve this basic demand of companies SAP continuously improves their data analysis and data visualisation tools and offers great solutions like SAP Business Objects, Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Design Studio.

Have you activated jurisdiction, if so, then you can do it at the diffferent levels within the FTXP transaction code itself.